How to convert video to mp3 using any Android file manager app

Convert video to mp3 tricks

Sometimes we want to convert a video to mp3 to play it on our phone or in car's mp3 player to enjoy it. If you use PC then you can use video to mp3 converter to convert your video or if you have an Android phone then there are many video to mp3 converter available in play store. But do you want to know how to convert video to mp3 without any of these software on Android. Yes, you can convert it just using any file manager app on Android.

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"How to convert video to mp3 using Android file manager app?" Simple tricks:

STEP 1: Open your file manager app and search for the video you want to convert.

STEP 2: Let your video's file name is "xyz.mp4" or "xyz.avi" . Now long press or select the file and open the "Rename File" option.

 STEP 3: Now replace the "mp4" or "avi" after the dot(.) with mp3 such that your new file name will be "xyz.mp3" . Save the file name. You can now play the file like an audio file in any music player.

Disadvantage of this method : In this method the file size will be remained same. ie. if your video file size is 30 MB then the mp3 size also be 30MB. Thus you may face storage shortage if you convert many video in this method.

This method is the fastest method to convert video to mp3. Hope this post will help you.

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