3 Ways to Change Font in Android Smartphone [FULL GUIDES]

change font of Android phone

Android's default font Roboto is a nice font for smartphone, but sometimes we want to change this default font with some more eye catchy or beautiful font of our own choice. A font is the text format you see in your device screen.

Some Android phone come with a option to change the font of text in user interface. Smartphone Manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Vivo etc provide a option to change the default font in theme setting in their smartphones. But most of the Android smartphones in the markets are lack this feature. So one question is raised in our mind "How to change font in Android phone without root out with root if there is no option to change it by default?"

For the above question we have three methods as solution. One for non root users and two for root users. Before continuing please read all the steps carefully.

METHOD 1 : By installing launcher application (For Non Root Users) :

How to change font in Android for non rooted smartphone?

Some launcher apps have the option to change the font in Android. This method have some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of this method :
This method can be used by all non root users as well as root users. Simple method: Only need to download the app and change the font in setting.No root required.

You need to use the launcher app as default launcher.It only change the font in home screen, app launcher and in launcher setting. It can not change the font style in Phone Settings or in notification bar.

Download any of the following Android launcher application from the links below:

In GO Launcher

1. long press in empty area in home screen
2. click on GO Settings
3. go to Font
4. click on Select Font
5. If you have your desired font in phone storage then click Scan font, you can copy your favorite font from your PC or simply download it from the web. I'll provide some website with good font collection in the end of this post.
6. select your font

In KK launcher go to KK Settings» Theme UI» Scan font» Select font

METHOD 2 : By installing font changer apps (only for root users) :

If you are a root user i.e. if you have root access to your Android phone then you can try this method. You need to install font changer apps for Android such as iFont or FontFix. In this post I will only share the method using iFont app. This app can be also used by non rooted Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC and Huwawei smartphones. This method is very useful because it not only change the font in home screen, it change font in everywhere System Settings to notification bar.

Rooting your Android may void your device warranty. Rooting Android phone has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you don't know what root does mean, then please do some research by searching google.

2. After installing the app, launch it. Give superuser access if asked
3. Backup your default system fonts
4. Download your font from the app's UI or go to "My Font" to use your custom font from sd card
5. Now click "SET". If asked superuser permission give root access.
6. You may asked to reboot your phone. Reboot it.

You are done.

METHOD 3 : By manually changing font files (Only for rooted device):

In this method you need to replace the default system font with your own theme manually. Here you need an advanced file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer or Root Explorer which can access root directories of your Android smartphone. This behind seems to be complex for beginners.

1. Open an advanced file explorer
2. Copy your font to sd card from PC or     download it from web
3. Now go to the root» system» fonts
4. Find the font Roboto-Regular.ttf and copy it to the sd card as backup for future
5. Now go to the folder you copied your font. Rename your custom font to Roboto-Regular.ttf
6. Copy your custom font
7. Now again go to the root» system» fonts and click paste. Your file explorer will tell you that you have a file with filename. Just click replace it. If superuser permission asked, give permission.
8. Reboot your phone now

You need to give superuser access if asked in any of the steps in the above method.
List of websites from where you can download free TTF fonts :

All of the above tricks are only for educational purposes. You will be solely responsible if you use these tricks on your phone.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Though many manufacturers include font changing features to their Android phones using custom UI, there are several Android phones which don't have this feature. Hope in near future google will include this feature in stock Android version.

What method you are using to change font in your Android phone? Let us know by commenting below...

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